Prepping for a half adventure

People these days, they get high on everything and anything! Some people get high on cough syrup. My drug of choice is the mountains.

With more and more outdoor enthusiasts popping up around the world, I expected to run into more outdoorsy types when I first moved to the East Coast in 2015. All I found were bougie DCers who consider their love for being outside on a patio (with alcohol) “outdoorsy”. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of slap the bag in a mountain setting, but I also had a glorious several day filmy dirt and sweat coating to make it go down that much easier. Try going out like that in DC and see where it gets you!

2015 was not only the year I left Idaho and moved to DC, but also when I first began seriously considering a career change. I realized how tired I am of leaving everything behind before I am ready. Being one of those old souls who takes time to develop roots and make true connections with people, I want the opportunity to seek out people and environments that can help me become the best version of myself. That is certainly not the East Coast. While I could wait out the Air Force and see where they send me next, I know that more likely than not it will not be to my place of choosing. At the end of the day, it’s time for ME to start choosing.

I’ll be leaving the Air Force at the age of 28, having been involved with the military for 10 years (almost half way to retirement). What a perfect reason to hike half of the Appalachian Trail! 7 months and counting.

Toby considers a 3 month hike